0 comments Wednesday, April 30, 2008

yay! they are finally here. it's soo odd to be seeing and holding one in person!

we'll be giving them out!!!! or ask us if u want one! :)

4 more weeks!!!

2 comments Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hi Everyone!

So this blog is up and running again. This time, anita and i will be going back to uganda with loving one by one ministries. we are very excited about this upcoming trip and we look forward to serve the Lord through ministering to the poor and the orphaned in uganda.

This trip is extra exciting in that we will be going to northern uganda! we will be conducting medical clinics throughout gulu. most likely we'll be going to several IDP (internal displaced people) camps. There are millions of people who are currently forced to move out of their homes due to the civil war started by the LRA (lord's resistant army). however, praise god that peace talks are in session right now. **please pray that not only we'll be able to minister to the people by caring for their physical needs, but most importantly. that god will open up opportunities for us to pray for them and tend to their spiritual needs**

we will be leaving on may 31st! if you would like a copy of our support letter, please let us know!!!! and for those who already has a copy, we look forward to hear from you :)

if you have any questions, drop us a comment or email us: rccc.uganda@gmail.com