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Hi Everyone,
In our last update we were nearing the end of our first week in Kenya. We have now completed our time in Kenya have arrived in Uganda, marking the half-way point of our scouting trip. As we did in our last update, we’ve included 
1) Reflections
2) Brief description of ministries visited 

We have witnessed drought and starvation, AIDS and orphans, poverty and destitution. As we think about the plights we’ve seen we’d be completely remiss to not reflect on the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In coming to Earth, the Son of God became impoverished so that we might become rich. He poured out His life so that we could drink from the fountain of life and never go thirsty again. He faced the wrath and rejection of the Father so that we might be adopted and never be orphaned again.  He was broken and crushed for our sins so that we could be restored and renewed - clothed in His righteousness.
Soli Deo Gloria,
Anita, Dan, Wen & Wilson
• HEART – AIDS/HIV care for women (medical care and vocational training), orphan care and orphan prevention initiatives, slum and rural ministries
• Comido Embasaki – slum ministry for children, school, feeding program, and spiritual nourishment
• Travel to Uganda
• Wycliffe Bible Translators / SIL Uganda – Bible translation center in Uganda, working on multiple languages with various people groups to develop their language, teach literacy, and translate the bible 
• Loving One By One Ministries – orphanage and school for Ugandan children
• Finalize and confirm appointments with ministries in Uganda
• Visit Ugandan church service at Kampala Pentacostal Church

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Hello all,
We hope you are well. We are writing to give a brief update on our trip.
As you would expect from a missions scouting trip, our time has been focused on meeting with various ministries to explore opportunities for partnership / support. We are spending one week in Kenya followed by one week in Uganda.  We are nearing the end of our time in Kenya. We have met with around 8 different ministries. During these meetings we have spoken with various leaders and observed their ministries. At the end of this email I've included below a brief day by day summary.
From a more personal perspective, over the past several days, we've been deeply affected by all we've seen and observed. The physical, spiritual, and educational needs are nearly beyond comprehension. Though we've only been here a short time, our perspective on the vast need has been indelibly changed. One example: walking through the slums is an incomparable experience - the sights, sounds and smells are overwhelming. There is a mix of disbelief, heartbreak, and pity. We wanted to cry. We wanted to hug the children and bring them home. We wanted to heal their sickness and mend their brokeness. We wanted to stay and enter their world. We always left longing to do more.
Anita, Dan, Wen & Wilson
Day 1:
  • Huruma Children's Center: Christian orphanage that provides healthcare, education, housing 
  • Maasai Education Advocacy for Change: During the current drought, the Maasai (a nomadic herdsman tribe) have faced incredibly difficult circumstances as their livestock have suffered and died. Their is significant need for sustainable water supply as they walk over 25 KM just to get water.
Day 2: Visited a national park to view the amazing wildlife of Kenya.
Day 3:
  • Wycliffe/Bible Translation and Literacy - Visted headquarters of BTL, which focuses on bible translation into African languages.
  • Anchor of Hope - slum children's ministry, providing academic and spiritual education, and food when available
Day 4:
  • Faulu - established Christian microfinance institution
  • Lutheran slum ministries - church and children's ministries targeted at residents of Kibera, Kenya's largest slum  
  • Chonesus (Christian Hope Network and Support Services) - children and widow's ministry in Kibera, providing healthcare, literacy and vocational training

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Hi!, Dan, Wilson, Wen and I are very excited! It seems a little surreal that we will be in Africa in less than a week's time. Thank you for your support and love. We are so excited to embark on this journey to see what God will teach us and show us. Prior to our departure our team has a lot to accomplish. Our prayer requests prior to departure:

1) Wilson will be heading out to Los Angeles tomorrow for a business school interview. Please pray that he will be safe. Pray that when he returns on Thursday he will have the energy to finish packing and prepare for Africa.

2) Daniel, has a mid-term for one of his classes due this Friday, pray that he works on it diligently and that he will have time to pack and rest.

3) Please pray for the final logistics, packing, financial support issues we need to deal with prior to our departure.

4) The four of us will be working the whole week and then taking a half-day on Friday to leave for the airport, please pray that we get to the airport on time and that we finish all our work related activities prior to departure.

5) Attached is our two-week itinerary, we included the schedule so that everyone can see what we are doing each day. Please pray for us and for each activity that we partner with.

God Bless,

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