Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hi Everyone,
In our last update we were nearing the end of our first week in Kenya. We have now completed our time in Kenya have arrived in Uganda, marking the half-way point of our scouting trip. As we did in our last update, we’ve included 
1) Reflections
2) Brief description of ministries visited 

We have witnessed drought and starvation, AIDS and orphans, poverty and destitution. As we think about the plights we’ve seen we’d be completely remiss to not reflect on the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In coming to Earth, the Son of God became impoverished so that we might become rich. He poured out His life so that we could drink from the fountain of life and never go thirsty again. He faced the wrath and rejection of the Father so that we might be adopted and never be orphaned again.  He was broken and crushed for our sins so that we could be restored and renewed - clothed in His righteousness.
Soli Deo Gloria,
Anita, Dan, Wen & Wilson
• HEART – AIDS/HIV care for women (medical care and vocational training), orphan care and orphan prevention initiatives, slum and rural ministries
• Comido Embasaki – slum ministry for children, school, feeding program, and spiritual nourishment
• Travel to Uganda
• Wycliffe Bible Translators / SIL Uganda – Bible translation center in Uganda, working on multiple languages with various people groups to develop their language, teach literacy, and translate the bible 
• Loving One By One Ministries – orphanage and school for Ugandan children
• Finalize and confirm appointments with ministries in Uganda
• Visit Ugandan church service at Kampala Pentacostal Church


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