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Next Friday night, Joanna and Anita will be sharing on their STM trip to Uganda earlier this summer. Please come and join us as we spend some time in worship, view some slideshows, and hear their awesome testimonies. Some light refreshments will be served as well.

Location: RCCC - Building A, Rm 214
Date: Friday, 8/8
Time: 8:00pm

In the meantime, check out Joanna's flickr for some pictures from Uganda!http://www.flickr.com/photos/dimsum807/sets/72157605804359253/

See you all at the "teahouse"!

-Team U

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It's been a crazy journey and I'm still in the middle of processing everything. Praise God that Anita has gotten back to the US safely. Especially since she didn't have to go through some ridiculous transit like moi. As Anita has said in the previous email, I just moved to Baltimore and started my graduate studies in public health. It is truly amazing to be able to witness the state of Ugandan health care firsthand. And now I'm very excited to be back here and learn about different ways to identify and tackle various public health concerns, both domestically and globally.

One thing that I remembered the most is the lack of simple health care and basic hygiene. When we visited Nakalanda Island, Pastor Butch told us a young boy had just died of typhoid at the age of 6. It broke my heart to hear that children are dying of diseases that can easily prevented through either vaccination or simple hygiene. God definitely reminded me one of the many reasons that He called me to go to public health school. How can an economy survive or prevail if people can't even have access to healthy living conditions? Or how can a country be raising future leaders when children are dying so young? It humbled me to treasure the simple blessings that God has given us, like clean water back in the US!!! Nakalanda Island is simply just one example of where help is needed in Uganda. As Christian, I believe that God not only called us to lay down our lives to spread His Gospel so that people would believe in Him. But He has also called us to dedicate ourselves in helping those who are the poorest, forgotten and fatherless. God has opened up my eyes even more on this trip to remind me why I should go into public health.

As a MPH student, I would need to do a capstone project in order to graduate. it's one of those monumental projects that I'll be living with for most of my time here in Hopkins. I am really hoping that I can do something in regard to vaccination or health education in Uganda. Please pray that God would give me wisdom to know where and what He would want me to do.

I have posted some pictures on my flickr. Since I didn't have much time on my hands, I just posted the pictures straight from my camera. Hope you enjoy! I will add captions very shortly :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/dimsum807/sets/72157605804359253/

Again, thanks for all of your support. We coudln't have done this without your help!! God Bless!

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We held our last medical clinic yesterday in what is considered the "slum" area of Uganda. We saw about 250 patients in 4 hours. Amazingly, God gave me the strength to continue to see patients and give them medication. What was a four hour clinic quickly flew by and it only seemed like one or two hours.

One of the newer additions to our clinic has been "prayer huddles." Patients can go over to get prayer and ask questions. In the last clinic we had 6 people recieve Christ. Of the 6, one was a former Catholic and one was a former Muslim. Praise God.

Today we went to an Acholi "IDP (internally displaced people)" camp. Approximately 5,000 Acholi Ugandans live outside of Kampala on a piece of land that the king gave for the Northern Acholi people. We de-wormed about 2,000 children, gave them sweets and biscuits. It was amazing to have all the children singing together about baby Jesus, our Savior.

God Bless! Love Anita

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One of my highlights have been playing with the children at the school, New Creation Centre. Many of them are Sudanese refugees and or children that can not afford schooling fees. Every Wednesday they have a Chapel time. They sing, dance and pray. During the two hours that they perform, it never ceases to amaze me the passion that is exhibited by these children. Each has a unique story to tell of there hardship, personal strife and life.

God is moving mightily in these children. It doesn't matter whether they are three or thirteen. When they praise and pray, they put me to shame. My prayers and praise are so timid and reserved. The love they have for God is very evident in there faces and movements.

It is inspiring to witness these children giving themselves to Christ. They are giving what matters the most, themselves.
My personal struggle is giving myself and my time for Christ, something I constantly struggle with and learn to do.

The next few days will be very busy. On Friday we will be conducting our final medical clinic in the "slum" area of Uganda. We will also be visitng a "IDP" camp on Saturday and will be conducting a deworming clinic there.

Please pray that I have enough energy, I am definitely fading a little as I have not gotten much good rest.

Love, a

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hello everyone!

joanna left yesterday morning for newark, it was a crazy transition for her, the flight leaving entebbe was delayed and she missed her connecting flight into newark, she stayed over in london.

today our team went to a village devastated by HIV/Aids, the village has many older individuals and very young children. the working class has been wiped out by disease.
we conducted a medical clinic, it was probably one of our most efficent and tame clinics. we saw about 150 patients in 3 hours and even had multiple chances to pray with people and share with them about Jesus.

i am excited to see what is in store for the last 10 days as God continues to work in me and through me.

one special prayer request is for this little boy named David. I met him on a de-worming clinic on Nakalanda Island. He was abandoned by his parents and a kind old woman has been taking care of him. Unfortunately, the lady can only feed him porridge and water, he is severely malnurished.

sherry really wanted to take him into her family home and was in the process of getting the correct documentation. the father of David suddenly appeared and wanted money for David if Sherry was going to take him. It really saddens me that the father would sell his own son. Please pray that the father would relinquish David into Sherry's care without asking for a price (it is also illegal to sell children) and think about the well-being of this very cute 3 year old child.

i am really praying that i can return to the island within the next 10 days to pick up David and bring him into the family home and give him the proper care, education and nutrition.

thank you everyone for your continued prayer and support...

love, a

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we are in uganda for almost 2 weeks now. how crazy is that?? God has been blessing us so much this past week!!

Things are moving along since we came back from Apac. We visited Uganda Jesus Village and Mercy Home for Children. In addition, we have also spent a lot of time with the children from Sherry's orphanage (New Creation Family Home). Since Team 1 left Uganda on wednesday, there are only 5 of us left. We got to take the children from New Creation Center (sherry's school for sudanese refugee children) to swimming! We had so much fun teaching the kids how to swim!!! We also spent an afternoon with the school children AND the home children together!! it was such a blessed time. we spent time praying to our God and singing worship songs together. it was the first time that the children from both of Sherry's ministries come together. it brought tearful joy to all of us to be able to witness these children to worship our Lord Jesus Christ passionately!!!

We spent the rest of the week visiting our sponsored children. Thursday we visited Joanna's child, Annet, in Rakai (almost at the border with Tanzania!!!) And Friday we visited Anita's child, Emmanuel, in Kasangombe. It was amazing to see how World Vision operates here in Uganda. Under WV's care, each child is cared for by a helper. THey are the ones who lives in the community and care for each child's spiritual and physical health. They are also the ones who are responsible for the communication between each sponsored child and their sponsors.

We would love to tell you more about our trip. Internet has been erratic. but please continue to pray for our health and energy! we will be conducting more medical clinics next week as a new team arrived!!!

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Hello Everyone!

Sorry for not sending more frequent updates. It has been very, very, busy here in Uganda.

Over the past several days we have been up North in an area called Apache which is right beneath Gulu and Lira. Apache is an area that has been affected by the LRA. But, because most of the attention has been focused on Gulu and Lira, not much help has been given to Apache. The trip was incredibly tiring, long and very draining... but God is so amazing.

During our first full day in Apache, we distributed the supplies that we had obtained (hoes, seeds, flour etc.) About 5,000 Ugandans showed up and welcomed us. They had a ceremony to welcome us and we were able to sing for them and Pastor Butch was able to speak to them. It was amazing. We had dinner with a local pastor who had given up all his livestock to build the church, he told us there was a desperate need to get the translation of the Bible in LANGO... so many people are thirsty for the word. Please continue to pray for the North.

Joanna and I are doing well. It has been busy, waking up very early and getting back between 9-10PM every night. We have gotten into the swing of things and adjusting has not been bad at all. The local food here is delicious and we are amazed at how God has worked in Uganda in the last year.

So far we have conducted one medical clinic yesterday. We saw about 200 patients in about 3 hours.. whew... we have done multiple de-worming clinics and visited multiple orphanages and hospitals.

Tomorrow we go to Nakalanda Island. We will be visiting a school on the island with about 300-400 students. To get to the island we need to take a boat (the old rickety fishing boats... hehe) and something called a boda boda ( very fast all-terrain motorcycle). This week we will also make trips out to several World Vision sites to visit our sponsor children.

Please continue to pray for our physical healthy, spiritual health and safety. We miss you and love you. Thank you!

-Anita and Joanna

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Just 3 hours ago, we have finally arrived in Uganda. We were greeted with some serious rain!!! but also many many beautiful and familiar faces!!!

But overall, our flights went on pretty smoothly. :) Praise God that we were able to check in all 6 pieces of our luggage. It was only back home in Newark that our flight was delayed for 2 hours due to the rainstorm. It wasn't a big deal since we have a 12 hour lay-over in London. We used the time to visit Hillsong Church in Central London. Even though we were tired from the lack of sleep, the lightings were CRAZY and the worship kept us very much awake!!!

to eric, diana and grace - everyone said hi! and wish you guys are here as well. both anita and i got the 5 pound fish and chips again :)

we will be heading up to GULU tomorrow. continue to pray for us that we'll keep safe. we were told that we will be visiting an IDP camp and also meeting with some former LRA rebels/child soldiers. Please pray that God will keep us safe and open doors for us to share the gospel!!!

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the long awaited time is here! anita and i are leaving for uganda tonight!! we are very excited and we are all ready to go! THANKS to all the people who came out on thursday to pray for us and helped us count out the medicines. YOU GUYS TOTALLY ROCK!!!

Here are a few prayer items, please keep us in your prayers!

1. each of us have 3 luggage to check in. one personal and 2 china bags that are filled with donations! we hope british airway won't give us any problems and let us check in all 3 for free. yikes! and that we didn't exceed the baggage weight limit.

2. energy - our trip demands lots of energy as we go from different places all the time. uganda can be hot sometimes and there's no AC! haha. so pray that we will keep ourselves energize as we minister to the children in uganda!!!

3. health - the air in uganda is quite dusty. last year both of us got some sort of upper respiratory congestion. and the children love coughing on us. so pray that we can keep ourselves HEALTHY!

4. loving and compassionate heart - pray that we may model ourselves after Jesus in His ministry. that we will not only minister to the physical needs of the Ugandan people. But we will also share the good news and pray for them as well.

5. team dynamics - very lastly. pray that anita and i will focus our gaze upon Jesus. especially in moments when we work together!

**we will be meeting our sponsored children from WORLD VISION and WATOTO!!!! soo exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we'll be constantly updating on the blog!!! so next time u read the update, we'll be UGANDA!!!

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anita and i have been super busy lately! but first of all, congrats to anita for graduating! now she's officially a Physician Assistant!

even though our lives are filled with ministry committments, school, work and such. God has been blessing us so much!

Praise God that we have raised more than our required amount of $8000! Thanks to everyone for your generousity!! In addition, we are still collecting donations!!! what we need the most right now is CHILDREN CHEWABLE VITMAINS!

Many people have asked us: Why Chewable vitamins and not gummy ones? haha. we know it's an unusual request. but last year we had an incident where someone donate a costco-sized gummy vitamins and they melted in the heat, into a gigantic CHUNK of gummy! YES! gummy bears melt in heat!!! so we don't want to risk the precious vitamins again. :)

we are also looking for HANGERS. more specifically, hangers for children clothes.

other than that, i would like all of you to continue to pray for us. that in the midst of our crazy lives. Please pray that Anita and I will spend quality time dwelling in the presence of our Lord, so that we will focus on the real reason why we are going to Uganda. And be open that we will be molded by our Lord.

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yay! they are finally here. it's soo odd to be seeing and holding one in person!

we'll be giving them out!!!! or ask us if u want one! :)

4 more weeks!!!

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Hi Everyone!

So this blog is up and running again. This time, anita and i will be going back to uganda with loving one by one ministries. we are very excited about this upcoming trip and we look forward to serve the Lord through ministering to the poor and the orphaned in uganda.

This trip is extra exciting in that we will be going to northern uganda! we will be conducting medical clinics throughout gulu. most likely we'll be going to several IDP (internal displaced people) camps. There are millions of people who are currently forced to move out of their homes due to the civil war started by the LRA (lord's resistant army). however, praise god that peace talks are in session right now. **please pray that not only we'll be able to minister to the people by caring for their physical needs, but most importantly. that god will open up opportunities for us to pray for them and tend to their spiritual needs**

we will be leaving on may 31st! if you would like a copy of our support letter, please let us know!!!! and for those who already has a copy, we look forward to hear from you :)

if you have any questions, drop us a comment or email us: rccc.uganda@gmail.com