Saturday, June 14, 2008


we are in uganda for almost 2 weeks now. how crazy is that?? God has been blessing us so much this past week!!

Things are moving along since we came back from Apac. We visited Uganda Jesus Village and Mercy Home for Children. In addition, we have also spent a lot of time with the children from Sherry's orphanage (New Creation Family Home). Since Team 1 left Uganda on wednesday, there are only 5 of us left. We got to take the children from New Creation Center (sherry's school for sudanese refugee children) to swimming! We had so much fun teaching the kids how to swim!!! We also spent an afternoon with the school children AND the home children together!! it was such a blessed time. we spent time praying to our God and singing worship songs together. it was the first time that the children from both of Sherry's ministries come together. it brought tearful joy to all of us to be able to witness these children to worship our Lord Jesus Christ passionately!!!

We spent the rest of the week visiting our sponsored children. Thursday we visited Joanna's child, Annet, in Rakai (almost at the border with Tanzania!!!) And Friday we visited Anita's child, Emmanuel, in Kasangombe. It was amazing to see how World Vision operates here in Uganda. Under WV's care, each child is cared for by a helper. THey are the ones who lives in the community and care for each child's spiritual and physical health. They are also the ones who are responsible for the communication between each sponsored child and their sponsors.

We would love to tell you more about our trip. Internet has been erratic. but please continue to pray for our health and energy! we will be conducting more medical clinics next week as a new team arrived!!!


Emily Rice said...

Hi Anita and JOanna! Do you check these comments while you are away? Anyways, love you both and I am praying for you this morning. I can not wait to hear more about everything you have seen on this trip. -Emily

Jamie said...

Immanuel!!! Whaaaa! I can't wait to see your pictures girls! Miss you both.

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