Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for not sending more frequent updates. It has been very, very, busy here in Uganda.

Over the past several days we have been up North in an area called Apache which is right beneath Gulu and Lira. Apache is an area that has been affected by the LRA. But, because most of the attention has been focused on Gulu and Lira, not much help has been given to Apache. The trip was incredibly tiring, long and very draining... but God is so amazing.

During our first full day in Apache, we distributed the supplies that we had obtained (hoes, seeds, flour etc.) About 5,000 Ugandans showed up and welcomed us. They had a ceremony to welcome us and we were able to sing for them and Pastor Butch was able to speak to them. It was amazing. We had dinner with a local pastor who had given up all his livestock to build the church, he told us there was a desperate need to get the translation of the Bible in LANGO... so many people are thirsty for the word. Please continue to pray for the North.

Joanna and I are doing well. It has been busy, waking up very early and getting back between 9-10PM every night. We have gotten into the swing of things and adjusting has not been bad at all. The local food here is delicious and we are amazed at how God has worked in Uganda in the last year.

So far we have conducted one medical clinic yesterday. We saw about 200 patients in about 3 hours.. whew... we have done multiple de-worming clinics and visited multiple orphanages and hospitals.

Tomorrow we go to Nakalanda Island. We will be visiting a school on the island with about 300-400 students. To get to the island we need to take a boat (the old rickety fishing boats... hehe) and something called a boda boda ( very fast all-terrain motorcycle). This week we will also make trips out to several World Vision sites to visit our sponsor children.

Please continue to pray for our physical healthy, spiritual health and safety. We miss you and love you. Thank you!

-Anita and Joanna


TEAM U said...

Praise God for the amazing ways He is using you to be a means of grace to so many people!

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