Saturday, June 28, 2008

We held our last medical clinic yesterday in what is considered the "slum" area of Uganda. We saw about 250 patients in 4 hours. Amazingly, God gave me the strength to continue to see patients and give them medication. What was a four hour clinic quickly flew by and it only seemed like one or two hours.

One of the newer additions to our clinic has been "prayer huddles." Patients can go over to get prayer and ask questions. In the last clinic we had 6 people recieve Christ. Of the 6, one was a former Catholic and one was a former Muslim. Praise God.

Today we went to an Acholi "IDP (internally displaced people)" camp. Approximately 5,000 Acholi Ugandans live outside of Kampala on a piece of land that the king gave for the Northern Acholi people. We de-wormed about 2,000 children, gave them sweets and biscuits. It was amazing to have all the children singing together about baby Jesus, our Savior.

God Bless! Love Anita


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