Sunday, June 22, 2008

hello everyone!

joanna left yesterday morning for newark, it was a crazy transition for her, the flight leaving entebbe was delayed and she missed her connecting flight into newark, she stayed over in london.

today our team went to a village devastated by HIV/Aids, the village has many older individuals and very young children. the working class has been wiped out by disease.
we conducted a medical clinic, it was probably one of our most efficent and tame clinics. we saw about 150 patients in 3 hours and even had multiple chances to pray with people and share with them about Jesus.

i am excited to see what is in store for the last 10 days as God continues to work in me and through me.

one special prayer request is for this little boy named David. I met him on a de-worming clinic on Nakalanda Island. He was abandoned by his parents and a kind old woman has been taking care of him. Unfortunately, the lady can only feed him porridge and water, he is severely malnurished.

sherry really wanted to take him into her family home and was in the process of getting the correct documentation. the father of David suddenly appeared and wanted money for David if Sherry was going to take him. It really saddens me that the father would sell his own son. Please pray that the father would relinquish David into Sherry's care without asking for a price (it is also illegal to sell children) and think about the well-being of this very cute 3 year old child.

i am really praying that i can return to the island within the next 10 days to pick up David and bring him into the family home and give him the proper care, education and nutrition.

thank you everyone for your continued prayer and support...

love, a


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