Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One of my highlights have been playing with the children at the school, New Creation Centre. Many of them are Sudanese refugees and or children that can not afford schooling fees. Every Wednesday they have a Chapel time. They sing, dance and pray. During the two hours that they perform, it never ceases to amaze me the passion that is exhibited by these children. Each has a unique story to tell of there hardship, personal strife and life.

God is moving mightily in these children. It doesn't matter whether they are three or thirteen. When they praise and pray, they put me to shame. My prayers and praise are so timid and reserved. The love they have for God is very evident in there faces and movements.

It is inspiring to witness these children giving themselves to Christ. They are giving what matters the most, themselves.
My personal struggle is giving myself and my time for Christ, something I constantly struggle with and learn to do.

The next few days will be very busy. On Friday we will be conducting our final medical clinic in the "slum" area of Uganda. We will also be visitng a "IDP" camp on Saturday and will be conducting a deworming clinic there.

Please pray that I have enough energy, I am definitely fading a little as I have not gotten much good rest.

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