Monday, June 2, 2008

Just 3 hours ago, we have finally arrived in Uganda. We were greeted with some serious rain!!! but also many many beautiful and familiar faces!!!

But overall, our flights went on pretty smoothly. :) Praise God that we were able to check in all 6 pieces of our luggage. It was only back home in Newark that our flight was delayed for 2 hours due to the rainstorm. It wasn't a big deal since we have a 12 hour lay-over in London. We used the time to visit Hillsong Church in Central London. Even though we were tired from the lack of sleep, the lightings were CRAZY and the worship kept us very much awake!!!

to eric, diana and grace - everyone said hi! and wish you guys are here as well. both anita and i got the 5 pound fish and chips again :)

we will be heading up to GULU tomorrow. continue to pray for us that we'll keep safe. we were told that we will be visiting an IDP camp and also meeting with some former LRA rebels/child soldiers. Please pray that God will keep us safe and open doors for us to share the gospel!!!


Dave Chen said...

Yay! Be careful in the IDP camp!

Grace said...

Hey guys! I'm so glad you got everything over there. Please keep updating!

Please tell everyone over there hi, and that I REALLY wish I could've been there this year.

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