1 comments Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Team Uganda is now exactly five weeks away from our departure date, and as plans start coming together, we're super excited for our journey to Nakalanda Island. We've officially launched our fundraising campaign for the Amazzi Challenge, and even after only one week, we're well on our way to reaching our fundraising goal of $1,500!

The Amazzi Challenge is one of the projects that we will be conducting during our stay in Uganda. The aim is to provide safe drinking water for residents in the region. We've partnered with Pastor Darryl Woodson, of Victory City Church Ntinda, and have determined that the most feasible option is to collect rainwater coming off the rooftop of the church, store it in holding tanks, and then purify it with a biosand filter before drinking. More information about how the filter works can be found on the image above, or by clicking [here] for the full size image. We recently got the great news that all the materials required to build the rain collection system and the biosand filter could be obtained locally and quickly.

Also! We've built a small scale prototype of our filter and it worked! If you were at Rutgers Community Christian Church this past week, you may gotten a chance to see our filter. Unfortunately, we had a leak in the system and couldn't do a live demo. We'd like to note however, that we filtered some of the water from the stream that cuts through RCCC campus, and the water collected from the leak was clear and odorless! We hope to have the issue resolved by this Sunday, so stop by our table after E1 and M2 services this week to see it in action. If you happen to miss us, don't worry! We'll be sure to post photos and video shortly after.

Please do keep us in your prayers; we're so excited to be partnering with you in God's mission.

Peace and God bless!

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is where we (Anita, Dan, Brenda, Vince, Jon, and Jen) will be for 2 weeks in July and August.
oh, and it's in Africa. :)

why go?
because God cares for the well-being of his children. thousands of deaths that occur in countries like Uganda could be prevented if people practiced simple hygiene, like washing hands, and if they had access to clean water. we hope to go educate people and build a water filter.

now, what's going without being sent? we do not go as ourselves, but as part of a bigger body, a network of love, understanding, and prayer to share experiences with, to help through struggles and to keep things in perspective.

so please come to the send-off!
the send-off will be this Sunday, 6/6 at RCCC
Agape Chapel (aka Building C), 1pm

and do, pray on.

periodically updates will be sent through email and on our blog.
if you know anyone who wants to receive these updates, let me (Jen) know! I can add them to the mailing list.