Wednesday, May 14, 2008

anita and i have been super busy lately! but first of all, congrats to anita for graduating! now she's officially a Physician Assistant!

even though our lives are filled with ministry committments, school, work and such. God has been blessing us so much!

Praise God that we have raised more than our required amount of $8000! Thanks to everyone for your generousity!! In addition, we are still collecting donations!!! what we need the most right now is CHILDREN CHEWABLE VITMAINS!

Many people have asked us: Why Chewable vitamins and not gummy ones? haha. we know it's an unusual request. but last year we had an incident where someone donate a costco-sized gummy vitamins and they melted in the heat, into a gigantic CHUNK of gummy! YES! gummy bears melt in heat!!! so we don't want to risk the precious vitamins again. :)

we are also looking for HANGERS. more specifically, hangers for children clothes.

other than that, i would like all of you to continue to pray for us. that in the midst of our crazy lives. Please pray that Anita and I will spend quality time dwelling in the presence of our Lord, so that we will focus on the real reason why we are going to Uganda. And be open that we will be molded by our Lord.


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