Monday, March 2, 2009

Hi!, Dan, Wilson, Wen and I are very excited! It seems a little surreal that we will be in Africa in less than a week's time. Thank you for your support and love. We are so excited to embark on this journey to see what God will teach us and show us. Prior to our departure our team has a lot to accomplish. Our prayer requests prior to departure:

1) Wilson will be heading out to Los Angeles tomorrow for a business school interview. Please pray that he will be safe. Pray that when he returns on Thursday he will have the energy to finish packing and prepare for Africa.

2) Daniel, has a mid-term for one of his classes due this Friday, pray that he works on it diligently and that he will have time to pack and rest.

3) Please pray for the final logistics, packing, financial support issues we need to deal with prior to our departure.

4) The four of us will be working the whole week and then taking a half-day on Friday to leave for the airport, please pray that we get to the airport on time and that we finish all our work related activities prior to departure.

5) Attached is our two-week itinerary, we included the schedule so that everyone can see what we are doing each day. Please pray for us and for each activity that we partner with.

God Bless,

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superpcp said...

Many thoughts and prayers for you guys as you embark on your trip. May every life that you touch be blessed, and yours blessed in return!

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