Sunday, August 1, 2010

today was the last day of our hygiene classes. the last three days were a huge blessing to the team. we learned to be flexible, patient and sensitive to a different culture. as a team, we have grown a lot and still have a lot to learn from each other.

the three day hygiene classes were broken down into a morning and afternoon session. we had a nutrition, first-aid, clean water/hygiene and disease class. the local people rotated through each class during the last three days. each day we started with prayer and ended with prayer. today, the last day we ended with the wordless bracelet. jane and brenda conducted a morning session for the children which included songs, a bible story, wordless bracelet, brushing teeth and handwashing.

the nakalanda island community was very thankful that we came. more importantly, each of the team members learned amazing lessons from God through this community.

please come to our teahouse, we have much to share!


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