Sunday, August 1, 2010

Today is Sunday. We split the team to visit Pastor Darryl's church and
Pastor Butch's church. Pastor Darryl presented the team with a certificate
of appreciation for helping with the water project.

Tomorrow we will head to the District of Apac. What used to be a 10-hour car
ride will hopefully only take 5-6 hours. The roads have improved
tremendously in the last year. For the next 4 days we will have no access to
email. We will be in a rural area. Please pray for us. We will be delivering
bibles in the Luo language, giving mosquito nets, and ministering to the local
people of Apac.

*Below is our expected schedule:*
Monday: Drive to Apac; meeting at night
Tuesday: Iyra Village and Church
Wednesday: Apac Prison ministry; Apac Hospital
Thursday: Another church visit; drive back to Ntinda

Thank you for your partnership in ministry!


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