Saturday, June 23, 2007

Grace: Hi everyone! This is Grace & Diana reporting in on our second full day out on the field. Like the rest of the team wrote yesterday, we went to Jokalaira village today to run a medical and deworming clinic, help out with a VBS, and spent the time playing games and passing out candy, toys, and toothbrushes to the children.

Diana: Jokalaira is a rural village of Uganda full of huts and unpaved roads. Very third world country like. Driving up to the village, it was a bumpy ride, we almost got attacked by some branches, but Grace was my shield. We took lots of pictures of the area and we can't wait to show you guys when we get home. Despite the living conditions, the people the were all full of joy and thankfulness that we were there.

G: We ran the medical clinic indoors in the church, while the deworming clinic was run outside in a little porch-like area. People kept streaming in one after another and we were there working for about 5 hours with very little rest. The toys we brought from RCCC were gone in literally three minutes and it was amazing to see how each children clung to their toy as if they were the most precious things in the world. When the villagers ran in a mad rush toward the church entrances and lined up to get a toothbrush, it really hit me how people are living in what we would consider a substandard environment.

D: After visiting Jokalaira, we had the opportunity to go to a church service called Kampala Pentocostal Church. ONE WORD: AMAZING!!!! Everyone there were all dancing, praising the Lord, arms lifted high during worship. It almost felt like a concert! After worship, we spent time praying with someone next to us about the world and the lost. Oh! One thing that was really cool was that we were told to hug five people around us. that was pretty cool!! it made it feel really welcoming. The pastor was also really good. Is in the middle of a series called Practical Christian living and he talked about deliverance from demonic powers. Definitely a very unique experience!

We definitely have so much more to share, but we'll save that for the teahouse when we return. We really can't wait until we can share with you all our photos! The children are precious.

Please pray for rest and health -- we're exhausted after today. God bless!


jsunbeam said...

wow sounds really exciting so far! you make me wish i was there.

unknownbreaker said...

who is jsunbeam? that sounds awesome, grace/diana. glad you guys are doing well and doing awesome!

KD said...

keep the comments's great to read them. can't wait to see those pics you mentioned....kd

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