Monday, June 18, 2007

Hey all! I had the opportunity to speak with a member of Team 1 who just returned from Uganda. Here are some of the things she shared with me that I thought I'd pass on to you so you can help pray for us more effectively. =)

Current climate: In the 80's, frequent thunderstorms and rather humid (ick)

What Team 1 did: They spent most of their time at Sanyu Babies' Orphanage and some on the streets, getting to know people. They conducted one medical deworming clinic.

What got in the way: The preparation for the Queen's arrival (now I hear it's November, not this month) did get in the way of them locating street children. But I've been assured by the Team 2 leader that we will still be able to minister in the slums.

Living situation: "More comfortable than expected." Food is supposed to be great. Internet is dial-up and painfully slow, however, so we'll probably have to rely on this blog for updates.

What Team 2 will most likely do: Decorate/clean orphanage building in preparation for move-in; holding more medical clinics in 3 other sites; work at Sanyu; and I have a feeling we may have more opportunity to work with adults because of the added obstacle of orphans being relocated.

Ministry style: My friend said Sherry works day-by-day, meaning that although in general there is a range of stuff we can do, she's very "improv" -- there is no set schedule or itinerary. I think for some people that's ok, for someone like me it can prove to be a challenge to adjust to, so please pray for that.


Finally, thanks again for everyone from our cell groups who trekked out to Staten Island for our send-off. We're going with joyful hearts, knowing that we're part of a bigger, healthy Body of Christ. =) If you'd like to send us off, we're going to be at Newark Airport by 6 pm (taking British Airways). Give us a ring if you're going to head over there so we'll keep an eye out for you!


Jonathan Chiew said...

Have a safe and blessed trip!

unknownbreaker said...

update often.. i have to read something at work.. =P

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