Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's like I blinked and 3 weeks went by.

So much has happened and so much has yet to happen!

It was so overwhelming to see the generosity of the body these past months.
For one, when it came to fundraising, which I approached reluctantly, even if some team members were short, others had more than enough to cover.

Even more so, we had more than enough donations to pack and bring. And more still kept coming!
We spent one afternoon sorting, and another packing.
It just reminded me of the way the early church was depicted in Acts 2. Where everyone gave to fulfill the needs of others, because their things were really God's things, and they recognized that we were merely called to be good stewards and pass God's stuff around to those who really needed it.

The generosity in care and prayer has also been felt. Especially with the recent news of the bombs going off in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. It is still safe to travel to Uganda, so our trip remains unchanged. Especially in these times, every moment is an opportunity to demonstrate what it means to trust in the Lord of Lords.

So what are we doing now?
We are preparing activities and visuals to use in our hygiene classes!
We will be teaching outside, so there are a lot of elements that we cannot control, but we know they are in far better hands.Please pray that we can plan well, yet also be flexible in Spirit if manmade plans need to bend to God's will.

We leave Wednesday, July 21st. Return August 6th.

are you ready? God is.


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