Friday, July 16, 2010

the countdown continues!
and this STM team is getting excited

for those of you who graciously want to come send us off, here is the info:
DATE: Wednesday 7/21
TIME: 7:15pm
PLACE: RCCC building A parking lot
(i don't know the name)

please join us for a time of joyful prayer and praise.
and lots of hugging.
there always seems to be lots of hugging.
more so for girls i suppose.
oh and "before" pictures.

you get the idea.

from there, we'll be leaving around 7:45 or 8 to drive over to Newark (Liberty???) International Airport.

if we don't get to see your lovely face, keep on praying on.
especially for planning and organization, even after we get to Uganda.
and for lots of Spirit-fed love. to better pour out onto others.
(even our own team members :D)


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