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Today was our first day conducting the hygiene classes on Nakalanda Island. After a hour and half hour ride to the port, then a half hour boat ride and then boda boda we reached the new medical clinic.

It was a long and tiring day for the team but successful. The team had to make several adjustments to our schedule, I am very proud of the team for being flexible.

The first hygiene session went very well, the local people recieved the classes enthusiatically. They asked many questions and were very appreciative.

We have had many opportunities to segue to sharing the gospel, please pray that the team uses the oppportunities to be bold in witness and stand firm in what is right practice versus wrong practice (example: worshipping the water God or consulting a witch doctor).

We were able to walk through the village and tour the area, this was an eye opening experience for the team and made us more appreciative of our comfortable lifestyle in America.

Please pray for the physical well-being of the team. Nakalanda Island is physically challenging as will our visit to the Nothern District of Apac.

Thank you for reading and for your partnership in ministry.

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Today was an exciting day! After two days of washing gravel, sand, and fine sand to fill the water filter, the water filter is complete. We are so grateful for all the hardwork and teamwork we experienced during the last several days. It was very exciting to see water flowing from the filter!

Thank you dear supporters for all your prayers and support! We will be heading to Nakalanda Island next for our hygiene classes!

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How are you? It is early Monday morning. The team is still resting, this week will get very busy. Already there has been many changes to our ministry. The following is the update:

Monday - Water Project
Tuesday - Sanyu Baby Home
Wednesday - Prepping for hygiene ministry and Loving One By One Centre
Thursday - Nakalanda Island Hygiene Classes
Friday - Nakalanda Island Hygiene Classes
Saturday - Nakalanda Island Hygiene Classes
Sunday - Church/ rest
Monday - Travel to Apac (Northern Uganda)
Tuesday - Apac/ deliver bibles and supplies to prison and hospital
Wednesday - Apac/ Iyra village deliver bibles and supplies
Thursday - Travel back to Ntinda
Friday - Return home

The ministries that we are doing are brand new. The Nakalanda Island Hygiene clases are being held in a brand new medical clinic recently completde. We will be the first team to conduct hygiene classes and to use the facilities. Pastor Butch, has recieved special permision for us to visit the prison, school and village.

Please continue to pray for us. The team has adjusted nicely to Uganda. The Ugandan people have been taking very good care of us.


Hello! This morning Jen and Jane arrived safely to Uganda. We are now a team of 8. Yesterday's carnival was a success, Brenda was able to share a bible story with over 500 children. The water project is going well, the boys hope to get it done by tomorrow. The rest of the team has been busy preparing for the hygiene classes which will take place this Thursday, Friday and Saturday on Nakalanda Island.

Please continue to pray for the team, they are in good spirits. The weather has been very cool with occasional rain, this has been a huge blessing. Please pray for Jen and Jane who are getting over jet lag and some motion sickness from the plane ride.

Thank you and God Bless!

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Hi all!

I'm excited to update that Jane Behan and Jen Jen are en route to Uganda. Their flight left at 10:55 this evening. Please remember them in your prayers!

RCCC Uganda Family

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Hello everyone!

We have safely arrived in Uganda with all 18 pieces of luggage intact! Though a little tired, we are excited to be in Africa. We have already begun our ministry, in the afternoon we visited Victory City Church to discuss the water project and to determine what supplies we may need. We also visited New Creation Home, a family home started by Sherry Roberts from California.

Tomorrow, we will be helping with a carnival at Victory City Church. Over 500 children are expected to attend. Please pray for Brenda, she will be sharing a bible story with the kids. Daniel and Vince will be starting the water filtration system tomorrow.

Please also pray for Jen Jen and Jane Behan who will be in transit over to Uganda.

Thank you!

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Here are some pictures on how they started things off tonight!

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Dearest Friends and Family,

This time tomorrow we will heading to Uganda. We thank you so much for your support and love. Just to give you an idea what our schedule will look like and how you can continue to pray for us:

Depart Newark 10:55PM >> Arrive London 11AM >> Depart London 9PM

7/23 Arrive Entebbe, Uganda 8AM

7/24 Ntinda >> Victory City Church >> water project

7/25 Ntinda >> Carnival for the children and water project

7/26 Ntinda >> Church and visit family home

7/27 Ntinda >> Victory City Church >> water project

7/28 Apac >> Drive to the northern village of Apac

7/29 Apac >> Village ministry, give out Lao bibles, mosquito nets and seeds

7/30 Apac >> Drive back to southern side, Ntinda

7/31 Nakalanda Island >> First Day of Hygiene Class

8/1 Ntinda >> Church and visit family home

8/2 Nakalanda Island >> Second Day of Hygiene Class

8/3 Nakalanda Island >> Third Day of Hygiene Class

8/4 Nakalanda Island >> Fourth Day of Hygiene Class

8/5 Ntinda >> ministry wrap up, packing

8/6 Return home

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the countdown continues!
and this STM team is getting excited

for those of you who graciously want to come send us off, here is the info:
DATE: Wednesday 7/21
TIME: 7:15pm
PLACE: RCCC building A parking lot
(i don't know the name)

please join us for a time of joyful prayer and praise.
and lots of hugging.
there always seems to be lots of hugging.
more so for girls i suppose.
oh and "before" pictures.

you get the idea.

from there, we'll be leaving around 7:45 or 8 to drive over to Newark (Liberty???) International Airport.

if we don't get to see your lovely face, keep on praying on.
especially for planning and organization, even after we get to Uganda.
and for lots of Spirit-fed love. to better pour out onto others.
(even our own team members :D)

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It's like I blinked and 3 weeks went by.

So much has happened and so much has yet to happen!

It was so overwhelming to see the generosity of the body these past months.
For one, when it came to fundraising, which I approached reluctantly, even if some team members were short, others had more than enough to cover.

Even more so, we had more than enough donations to pack and bring. And more still kept coming!
We spent one afternoon sorting, and another packing.
It just reminded me of the way the early church was depicted in Acts 2. Where everyone gave to fulfill the needs of others, because their things were really God's things, and they recognized that we were merely called to be good stewards and pass God's stuff around to those who really needed it.

The generosity in care and prayer has also been felt. Especially with the recent news of the bombs going off in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. It is still safe to travel to Uganda, so our trip remains unchanged. Especially in these times, every moment is an opportunity to demonstrate what it means to trust in the Lord of Lords.

So what are we doing now?
We are preparing activities and visuals to use in our hygiene classes!
We will be teaching outside, so there are a lot of elements that we cannot control, but we know they are in far better hands.Please pray that we can plan well, yet also be flexible in Spirit if manmade plans need to bend to God's will.

We leave Wednesday, July 21st. Return August 6th.

are you ready? God is.